Timeline export properties

This section covers the parameters for the argument Export(fileName, exportType, exportSubtype).

exportType can be one of the following constants:

  • resolve.EXPORT_AAF

  • resolve.EXPORT_DRT

  • resolve.EXPORT_EDL

  • resolve.EXPORT_FCP_7_XML

  • resolve.EXPORT_FCPXML_1_3

  • resolve.EXPORT_FCPXML_1_4

  • resolve.EXPORT_FCPXML_1_5

  • resolve.EXPORT_FCPXML_1_6

  • resolve.EXPORT_FCPXML_1_7

  • resolve.EXPORT_FCPXML_1_8

  • resolve.EXPORT_FCPXML_1_9

  • resolve.EXPORT_FCPXML_1_10

  • resolve.EXPORT_HDR_10_PROFILE_A

  • resolve.EXPORT_HDR_10_PROFILE_B

  • resolve.EXPORT_TEXT_CSV

  • resolve.EXPORT_TEXT_TAB



exportSubtype can be one of the following enums:

  • resolve.EXPORT_NONE

  • resolve.EXPORT_AAF_NEW


  • resolve.EXPORT_CDL

  • resolve.EXPORT_SDL


Please note that exportSubType is a required parameter for resolve.EXPORT_AAF and resolve.EXPORT_EDL. For rest of the exportType, exportSubtype is ignored.

When exportType is resolve.EXPORT_AAF, valid exportSubtype values are resolve.EXPORT_AAF_NEW and resolve.EXPORT_AAF_EXISTING. When exportType is resolve.EXPORT_EDL, valid exportSubtype values are resolve.EXPORT_CDL, resolve.EXPORT_SDL, resolve.EXPORT_MISSING_CLIPS and resolve.EXPORT_NONE.


Replace ‘resolve.’ when using the constants above, if a different Resolve class instance name is used.